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Putting Facebook & Instagram ads to work for your business to generate leads and increase sales.  Whether you’re looking for full ad campaign management, support and consultancy, or bespoke 1-2-1 training, I’d love to show you how the FB Ads Platform could work for you.


You’ve heard it all before. Everyone tells you social media is the perfect way to boost your business. “Get a Facebook Page!”, “Post on Instagram”, “Do a Facebook Live”, “Update your stories”.

And the master of them all – “Use Facebook advertising”!

Well, let me tell you a little secret. Paid advertising alone is not a quick route to business success. Funny words to hear from a Facebook ads strategist I know, but when you get to know me you’ll realise that I’m all about honesty and telling it like it is.

So, let me clarify…. Yes it’s true that social media platforms provide an ideal way to connect with your current and future clients.

But algorithm changes over the past few years have made organic growth on your social media platforms more and more difficult. That’s why it’s essential that you have a paid social advertising strategy working alongside your day-to-day social media/marketing strategy.

Whether your goal is to sell physical products and services, or to generate leads to fill workshops and classes, the FB advertising platform can put your business in front of the people who need to see it most. But with the power of the platform comes certain complexities which can lead to costly mistakes for the inexperienced.

That’s where I can help. I’m a trained and experienced Facebook/Instagram Ads Strategist with a track-record of helping businesses harness the power of the platform to reach their ideal clients.

I live and breathe FB ads – and it’s my job to stay up-to-date with latest trends and developments. This means that I know what is working (and more importantly, what ISN’T working!). For you, it simply means that you have someone in your corner to make sure you are getting the most bang for your advertising buck!

Working together, we can take your business to the next level.

Two streams of services to guide you through the digital maze


How I Work

Whatever the size of your business, my approach is the same.

  1. First, we have a cup of tea (or coffee!). I ask you to tell me the story of your business, and what you want it to become. I listen. I take notes. I nod a lot. I think.
  2. Then I’ll mull over what you’ve said, and maybe even ask you a few more questions. I’ll come up with a plan on how to achieve your goals. Possibly there might be more tea (or coffee!)!
  3. Once we are both crystal clear on your requirements, I’ll come up with a detailed strategy. It might be training or support, or it might be that you want to eliminate all the stresses and worries and have me take care of everything for you.
  4. Whatever you decide, you’re always in charge. And I’ll always be around to chat. I’m always at the end of a phone and more than happy to let you know what’s going on and how the plan is progressing. For me, success is all about communication.
  5. And, if you just ffancy a chat and a cuppa, I’ll never say no.

  • A huge thank you to Lorri at Socially Mindful for helping me navigate the maze that is Facebook ads! She’s so knowledgeable and patient, thank you Lorri Ritchie!”

    Stephanie Belton – Owner, Stephanie Belton Photography

  • Lorri is highly professional and incredibly easy to work with. She makes things clear and uncomplicated and has a huge understanding of FB and Instagram Ads. I would not hesitate in recommending her.”

    Ri Ferrier – Managing Director, Heart Based Living Initiative

  • “Facebook advertising is a fabulous tool when you know how to use it. But in the wrong hands, without a clear objective and understanding of how to harness its value you can waste a lot of time or money. Lorri has worked hard to build her expertise and become a specialist in Facebook Ads. She genuinely cares about driving results and her dedication shines through. You will be in safe hands if you work with Lorri.”

    Jo Bayne – Managing Director, Sweet Charity Marketing

  • “Lorri is my ‘Go to’ for advice on Facebook & Instagram Ads, she knows her stuff!

    Plus she’s lovely  I would definitely recommend her.”

    Danielle Wallington – Founder, milknbizz & milknfizz

  • “Lorri at Socially Mindful is fantastic at social media management – she has really tuned into my business and continues to do so so that she can post appropriate content and engage with people in the best way too. If you’re a bit protective with your brand then you can be sure that Lorri will look after it which is immensely reassuring. She is also hard-working and kind too and saves me lots of time and headspace which I can put into other aspects of the business. I would highly recommend her services.”

    Ruth Farenga – Founder, Mindful Pathway

  • “Lorri has given our social media meaning and direction. She really understands who we are and what we do and has provided the analysis to help us develop a social media strategy. Her organisational skills and creativity have demonstrated how important it is to take our social media presence seriously and invest time and resource into it. I would highly recommend Socially Mindful.  “

    Ali Jarvis – Community Central, St Albans

  • Lorri was simply heaven sent!!! For the last 6 months I’ve been trying to sort out a problem on my Social Media, I dropped her a message (to which she replied nearly instantly) and BOOM!!! My problem was solved in a matter of days. I actually had tears of joys, months of stress that I can now leave behind, I cannot recommend her highly enough for how professional, quick and approachable she is!! I’m certainly keeping her number for future needs” 

    Silvia Pilvia – Barkingham Palace Pet Grooming

  • “A huge thank you to the very patient and very clever Lorri Ritchie. Lorri helped me through the maze that is Facebook and I have reached a point where I feel confident that it will all go smoothly, especially as I know I can refer back anytime if I get stuck!! THANK YOU LORRI!”

    Celia Heley – Graphic Design | Art Direction | Project Management

  • Lorri is a true professional. She has managed multiple Social Media accounts that I am aware of and they all scream character! She is fantastic at engaging with people and promoting the cause of an organisation. Lorri is also very dynamic and adapts constantly to the changing world of Social Media. If you need someone to manage your Social Media accounts, I would recommend Lorri in a heartbeat!”

    Michael Whippy – Community Central, St Albans

  • “Amazing Service – Lorri is amazing!

    Emma Howie – Founder, Hair Connect