I’m Lorri Ritchie and I am Socially Mindful.

After a long and varied corporate career, I decided it was time for a change. I had a love for all things social media and I realised that I was actually pretty good at using it to raise awareness for causes and events. In 2017 I decided to go it alone, so I completed a 6-month training programme with a leading provider of social media management training and set up my own St Albans-based social media management agency to help businesses big and small find their social media voices.

As time went on I was being asked more and more often to provide support to help my clients in the paid social arena. I discovered that the Facebook advertising platform allowed me to combine my almost geeky love of analytics and logic (did I mention I started my corporate career as a computer programmer?) with my more creative side to create campaigns that not only spoke directly to my clients’ ideal customers, but also brought in the results my clients wanted in a cost effective manner.

With that realisation came the holy grail in the workplace – a job that I loved. A job that I looked forward to each day. A job that didn’t actually FEEL like a job!

So with that, I knew what I had to do. It was time to up my game AGAIN and learn as much as I possibly could about not just the FB advertising platform, but the business behind social advertising. I embarked on an intensive training course with one of the leading FB Ads Strategists in the UK where I spent months learning not just how to maneuver the platform, but what types of campaigns to run when, secrets to great ad copy and creative, creating the perfect audience, and how to monitor and scale ads. I also learned how to spot an ad that was ‘going rogue’, and what to do to fix it.

Since then, I have changed the focus of my business to allow me to focus solely on helping businesses utilise the FB advertising platform to create leads and/or generate sales for their business.

My philosophy is that the secret ingredients in any successful business are connections and relationships. Business is all about creating meaningful bonds with clients; to me it’s all about being so invested in that business relationship that I celebrate client wins as if they were my own. Maybe that sounds a bit extreme, but I believe that in order for me to be successful, my clients have to be successful.

Want the moon on a stick, and want it now?

I’m sorry, but we’re probably not going to be a good fit.

Want instant results?

Well, I’m not going to promise that either.

But if you want someone who will take just as much care with creating your advertising campaigns as they would creating their own, and someone who will look after every penny of your ad spend budget as carefully as if it was coming out of her own pocket, then I reckon we could be a pretty good match.

The results probably won’t come overnight. As with all things worth having, they will takes time and patience. And most of all, they’ll need experience. But oh my goodness, when the results start coming in, they will be oh so worth it!

In a nutshell, I am…


No question is too daft, no goal too big. I’ll always bend over backwards to accommodate my clients and make sure they are completely informed on how their advertising budget is being spent and the results being obtained.


This is your business, and I know that you have goals. I’ll work with you to develop realistic strategies to reach those goals and keep you informed about how things are going.


Because I am a small business, my prices are often lower than big agencies. But my expertise means that I deliver the same level of service on a much more personal basis. To me you will always be more than just ‘another client’.


As you hit your goals or your business changes, I will work with you to evolve you advertising campaign strategy to reflect where you want to go next.

  • Lorri is a true professional. She has managed multiple Social Media accounts that I am aware of and they all scream character! She is fantastic at engaging with people and promoting the cause of an organisation. Lorri is also very dynamic and adapts constantly to the changing world of Social Media. If you need someone to manage your Social Media accounts, I would recommend Lorri in a heartbeat!”

    Michael Whippy – Community Central, St Albans

  • Lorri was simply heaven sent!!! For the last 6 months I’ve been trying to sort out a problem on my Social Media, I dropped her a message (to which she replied nearly instantly) and BOOM!!! My problem was solved in a matter of days. I actually had tears of joys, months of stress that I can now leave behind, I cannot recommend her highly enough for how professional, quick and approachable she is!! I’m certainly keeping her number for future needs” 

    Silvia Pilvia – Barkingham Palace Pet Grooming

  • “Lorri has given our social media meaning and direction. She really understands who we are and what we do and has provided the analysis to help us develop a social media strategy. Her organisational skills and creativity have demonstrated how important it is to take our social media presence seriously and invest time and resource into it. I would highly recommend Socially Mindful.  “

    Ali Jarvis – Community Central, St Albans

  • “Lorri at Socially Mindful is fantastic at social media management – she has really tuned into my business and continues to do so so that she can post appropriate content and engage with people in the best way too. If you’re a bit protective with your brand then you can be sure that Lorri will look after it which is immensely reassuring. She is also hard-working and kind too and saves me lots of time and headspace which I can put into other aspects of the business. I would highly recommend her services.”

    Ruth Farenga – Mindful Pathway

  • “Facebook advertising is a fabulous tool when you know how to use it. But in the wrong hands, without a clear objective and understanding of how to harness its value you can waste a lot of time or money. Lorri has worked hard to build her expertise and become a specialist in Facebook Ads. She genuinely cares about driving results and her dedication shines through. You will be in safe hands if you work with Lorri.”

    Jo Bayne – Sweet Charity Marketing