Facebook/Instagram Advertising

With Full Ads Management, you can get on with doing what you do best while I do my thing: namely, getting the most out of your ad spend and finding you new customers.

With this service I take control of your Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns from nose to tail. You tell me what you want to achieve from the advertising and I create your ads, monitor their progress, and make necessary tweaks to ensure they are delivering to the best of their ability.

What’s included:

  • Guidance on setting up the Facebook pixel tool on your site, and ensure it is working correctly.
  • Research and build lookalike, custom, and interest-based audiences
  • Ad copy
  • Split-testing
  • Ad performance monitoring
  • Ads optimisation, refinement, and scaling
  • Ad analysis and reporting to make sure you know just how your money is being spent and how effectively the ads are performing.

Prices start from £650/month, plus a recommended ad spend of at least £300/month.

*Minimum three-month investment required.

Full Ad Campaign Management

This is the ideal option for all you FB Ads DIY’ers! With this option, you get the knowledge to run your own advertising campaigns. We’ll sit down together face-to-face, or via a screen-sharing Zoom session, to answers your specific questions and guarantee that you’ll spend no more time trying google FB ads strategies and ending up more confused than when you began.

The Power Hour gives you the power!

What will we cover? Well – it’s completely up to you. We could:

  • Review the performance of past ads – what worked or what didn’t work, and why?
  • Determine the best advertising objective to use for your specific goals
  • Learn how to navigate Ads Manager

Cost: £167/hour *

*Three-hour bundles are available for a price of £450, saving you 10%

"Beyond the Boost" Power Hour